1. America by Motorhome, Greg Manis

      America By Motorhome Following the footsteps of my idols (William Eggelston, Stephen Shore, Mitch Epstein) I want to document the small towns that make our country what it is. Get to know the lives and rituals of the everyday man. I will spend about two weeks in each town I visit, have coffee at the local diner, participate in the...
  2. XXML Marc Lagrange

    XXML Marc Lagrange
    Finally got a chance to go to the expo of a colleague from Antwerp. He managed to get a titanic book published in a collector edition of 50x70cm and showing his work of the last 20 years. Next to that he also published a smaller version at only € 49,99. The expo itself was held in a spacious classic officebuilding...
  3. Marc Lagrange XXML

    Marc Lagrange XXML
    You can now order the new book of Marc Lagrange at shopping31.com photography bookstore,
  4. Posse on the Job

    Posse on the Job
    result "on"
  5. Sanna

    In my studio, another one bites the dust. Wearing my worker 501 3636 all spotted and greased up. Using a last stock of polaroid 55 (with negative) and shot on my Linhof Technika. Working my way up to the book :-)
  6. Urban Report Pieter Wisse

  7. Paul Posse expo @LesPauls Rotabs

    Paul Posse expo @LesPauls Rotabs
  8. Les Pauls , Les É(t)paul(e)s, vernissage

    Les Pauls , Les É(t)paul(e)s, vernissage
    Expo, back to back ( santé,cheers, skoll, bubbles, beer, Sat. June 25, 15.00h-17.00h ) LesPauls Les é(t)paul(e)s, major-minor. “ Het zijn de sterke schouders die de kunst (ver)dragen!” Het is waar dat Paul Posse ‘verlangen’ en ‘Sehnsucht’ verbeeldt op een esthetische en romantische wijze terwijl Paul van den Hout ‘verlangen’ en ‘nostalgie’ op een conceptuele en pop-art-achtige wijze benadert.Posse gebruikt...
  9. Paul Posse Orfeo ed Euridice

    Paul Posse Orfeo ed Euridice
    Paul Posse in front of his image of Orfeo ed Euridice Very proud. ..
  10. De Kooning lecture

    Getting ready for à hard romance look on Photography

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