Alice Lucchinelli
observations 2019
Hardromance photography Paul van der Blom
Hardromance photography Willem Schelvis Rotterdam

Observations stem from something we are familiar with: it is a conscious link to the unconscious lending us a sight of the significance of passing time. In the state of being novice, all observations prove to be astonishing, worthy of our gaze: as we familiarize with objects or subjects, we become dismissive of their importance.

What do you see, smell, touch? What is it that you feel in this exact spot, in this exact moment? Observation of your environment, and yourself, is a quest of the artists shown here. Capturing the magical realism of daily existence, the artists visually contemplate the connection between human and natural form, they rethink the dominant constructions of beauty, they question the status quo, or simply face us with empty rooms, we are typically so reluctant to see.

Images: Alice Luccinelli, Annick van Santen, Kamiel Scholten, Paul van der Bom, Willem Schelvis

Text: Kamilé Grusauskaite

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