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  1. Red Flowers Jef Poldervaart

    Red Flowers Jef Poldervaart
    The artwork by Jef Poldervaart "Red Flowers" collector edition # 01/20 Jef Poldervaart "red flowers" placed at a loving Collector's office.   Bewaren
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  2. Gallery

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  3. Mister Jef Poldervaart

    Mister Jef Poldervaart
    Jef Poldervaart is selling his work at CPTRTD during Art Rotterdam 2013 from 6-10 februari Veerlaan 13 Rotterdam.
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  4. MLR magiel Lariviere

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  5. Paris Photo 2012

    Paris Photo 2012
    Boring, yet not in Paris ST Germain du Prés, galerie LOFT was my surprise. Galerie LOFT 3 bis, rue des Beaux-Arts 75006 Paris. the pictures of Photographer Rong Rong really took me.
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  6. Case Men

    Case Men
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  7. Ibiza People

    Ibiza People
    Shoot for Ibiza People, European web shop Launch coming soon.. Ibiza People, by Paul Posse
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  8. Shoot for theatre company

    Shoot for theatre company
    The actors play at The Shoot Paul Posse shot the images for the upcoming Theatre Play campaign " de Verleiders" based on the Real Estate Fraude Book.  
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  9. America by Motorhome, Greg Manis

      America By Motorhome Following the footsteps of my idols (William Eggelston, Stephen Shore, Mitch Epstein) I want to document the small towns that make our country what it is. Get to know the lives and rituals of the everyday man. I will spend about two weeks in each town I visit, have coffee at the local diner, participate in the...
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